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Letter from State Committee Man Jeff Wilson


The State Committee met Wednesday evening, 3/24/10, at Worcester's DCU Center, site of the April 17 GOP state convention.  The group approved the Platform Committee's report unanimously, without a single motion to amend it.  (If you've watched the state committee work, you know how unusual that is.)  IMHO, Platform Committee chair Matt Kinnaman did a fine job in ensuring that all were heard and all objections and corrections addressed in the year-long creation and review process he led.  Is the platform perfect?  No, but you and I might disagree on exactly what is imperfect while substantially agreeing on its merits.  Can our candidates run on it?  Emphatically yes.

Based on the meeting content, a walking tour of the DCU Center, Q&A and some personal nosing around, I can report:

So far, nine candidates are running for state-wide offices.

Rep. Richard Ross of Wrentham is battling for the state Senate seat that Scott Brown occupied (the Bristol, Norfolk and Middlesex District).  All elections are important, but this one particularly merits your attention and assistance to show that Scott Brown's win was no fluke due to "Marsha's" ineptitude.  Another victory would devastate The Usual Suspects and their cronies at the nadir of the political spectrum.  Therefore, let us get on with the devastation.

It also represents a fine opportunity for young people to work on a focused, brief, high-energy campaign leading up to a May 11 special election.  Then they can carry what they've learned onward to campaigns in their own back yards.  So light a fire under people who ought to hear about volunteering for the Ross Campaign!

Senate President Therese Murray of Plymouth (Plymouth & Barnstable District) is vulnerable, too.  Scott Brown earned 63% of the votes in her district!  Former Sandwich selectman Tom Keyes has an excellent chance of dethroning Her Ladyship this November.

United States Senator Scott Brown will provide the convention's key note speech!

Delegates can expect an informational mailing about the convention.  When you see any convention news via e-mail or post, I suggest you confirm that your committee's delegates have also seen it.  Don't assume.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Catch any issues early, before they may become difficult last-minute problems.

We're past the March 19 early-registration deadline.  Please let any straggling delegates know that 9AM Friday morning, 4/17/10, is the final deadline to register and pay the delegate fee.

The current plan is to provide credentials at the door.  So tell delegates: BE SURE TO BRING PICTURE IDENTIFICATION, even if you're not driving.

Avoid Saturday morning madness: Everyone planning to attend the Friday evening parties should first stop by the DCU Center to pick up credentials between 4:00 and 8:00 PM.

It looks like there will be plenty of space available for guests in the arena's "nose bleed" seats at $25 per capita.  Currency and credit cards are problematic, so please advise people to bring checks.

Alternates are invited to sit with their delegations, but of course cannot vote unless a delegate is unable.  I heard that the state committee people are to make enfranchisement determinations right on the convention floor.  Especially since Susan cannot attend this convention, I will need help from the local committee officers in noting when such determinations seem appropriate.  (Translation: Help me out when it gets crazy on the floor.)

DCU Center parking is cheap.  During slack time, the best deal is 40 cents for two hours (maximum) on the street.  After that's taken, $8.25 is the normal daily rate in the huge garage diagonally opposite from the DCU Center.  The attendant on duty suggested that full-day parking might even be a bit cheaper for our Saturday convention, but that remains to be seen.

The garage handles 17,000 cars, and several private lots also cluster around the DCU Center.  So anticipate no trouble finding a spot, despite (get this!) the big dance competition and the Herbal Life convention slated to share the DCU Center with us.

There will be no campaign-specific hospitality events or suites within the DCU Center (perhaps because there isn't enough room, and some spots are better than others, thus opening possibility for conflict).

See you in wunnaful Woostah!

Jeff Wilson

Caucus Elects Delegates to the 2010 State Convention

7:00 PM, Monday, January 25
Groton Grange
80 Champney Street

  • Convention is set for April 17, at Worcester's DCU Center.
  • 10 Republican-registered residents of Groton were elected delegates.
  • Two were elected alternates.
  • Electors were the GRTC membership present at the caucus.
Photo of Minute Man


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